We at Persivia provide population health, precision medicine and chronic care management, and as future drivers of the healthcare industry, feel that Persivia is already ahead of the curve.   We help providers control costs, especially around chronic diseases as more healthcare organizations take on and share the burden of risk in today’s new financial model of value-based purchasing.  Persivia understands that in order to provide effective chronic care management, we have to first acknowledge that many diseases which were considered homogeneous are actually very different at a cardiometabolic and genetic level.  Persivia was designed to address these healthcare issues and the ideal partner to navigate through the new chronic care regulations to achieve better clinical and financial outcomes.

Persivia takes into account all patient data from clinical, claims, behavior, consumer, genomics and proteomic data to provide a quantum improvement in risk stratification to enable earlier clinical interventions and manage costs.  Dedicated to the principles of precision medicine, Persivia leverages real-time analytics that addresses the growing need of managing complex patient populations with two or more chronic conditions.

Company History

Based in Lowell, Mass., the Company was formed by a team of physicians and seasoned healthcare IT professionals that are dedicated to the principles of precision medicine and to leverage industry-leading technology that could address the growing need of managing populations with chronic conditions.

Persivia was founded by Mansoor Khan and Fauzia Khan, MD, FACP. In her book, “Guide to Diagnostic Testing”, published by Lipincott Wilkins, Dr. Khan’s expertise and her passion are at the core of our intelligent, patient-centric order sets, clinical decision support, and analytics.

Visit our website at www.persivia.com


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